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“You Are Only As Young As Your Spine is” Is This True? | Yoga for health


You are only as young as your spine is flexible.” This particular statement made by Joseph Pilates sparks curiosity in our minds whether it is really true or not. Yoga is closely linked to spine health, offering benefits that support a strong and flexible back. Let’s decode it from a Yogi’s perspective.

If you notice a child’s spine, it’s always straight and flexible as compared to older people who have a hunchback as the time goes by. Nowadays, even younger people slouch and have bad posture because of the use of digital devices for a longer time. So what causes that change in spine health and posture as we age?

Causes of Poor Posture

1.Sedentary Lifestyle:

Your posture may suffer greatly if you spend too much time sitting down every day. Lack of exercise and physical activity in our daily lives makes our muscles inactive. The muscles get degenerated with time and this makes the body muscles weak. The brain now signals the body to use alternate muscle movements to maintain the functioning of the body, which causes a change in the body posture.

2.Stress and anxiety:

It has been found by researchers that experiencing stress or anxiety may change how an individual utilizes their body. People who take deep breaths throughout the day, have a much more relaxed nervous system and thus relaxed muscles. Whereas  people who are stressed or nervous often breathe more shallowly and  may have more tense muscles throughout their day. This causes poor blood flow and circulation in our body which further leads to poor posture.

3.Spine Injury:

Due to any unforeseen circumstances if a person suffers a spine injury, it would result in misalignment of bones and cause muscle pain. When left untreated, it will change the body posture of an individual with time.

4.Use of Digital Devices:

Well, we can’t imagine a life without our devices right? Almost everyone out there is continuously working on different electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers and laptops due to work and personal commitments. This kind of usage causes a person to bend their neck for prolonged periods of time and unknowingly cause a change in body posture.

5.Wrong Footwear:

If a person wears the wrong pair and size of shoes wherein they are straining their heels and toes , they are heading towards leg and back pain problems subsequently. Improper size of footwear also restricts the leg muscles and blood flow to different organs in the body which causes a change in movement while walking.

6. Bone loss:

A medical condition such as Osteoporosis can cause loss of calcium in the bones and cause the vertebrae to shrink a little. Shrunk and weak bones results in the human spine muscle to bend over time and change the bone health.

So, How can one improve the posture to live a healthier and youthful life?

To improve the body posture, one should start with making small changes in their daily lifestyle. This change can be possible with a holistic approach towards health and wellness. The following methods can be considered to achieve this change:                     

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